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We meet Thursdays at noon (except for the first Thursday of the month) at the Centre Club located at 123 S. West Shore Blvd., Tampa, FL 33609. 

This Weeks Event: NOVEMBER 30, 2017

November is Rotary Foundation Month

David West: Foundation Talk

When we think of the Rotary Foundation, it might be assumed that the idea of starting a foundation came about easily- that the idea was put forth and the Rotary Foundation was born. In fact, the Rotary endowment we find so near and dear to our hearts has a much different beginning.  Arch Klumph, a member of the Rotary Club of Cleveland, Ohio, served as that Club’s fourth president. Even then he had the idea of an ’emergency fund’ for Rotary which he mentioned in his closing speech. But it was when he started his term as International Association of Rotary Clubs Director that he heard the organization was insolvent. The agony of a one time appeal to all Rotarians to cover the shortfall always stayed with Klumpf throughout his Rotary endeavors. During his presidency of Rotary in 1916-17 and the World War I years he continued to present the idea of a Rotary endowment. Although initially enthusiastic about the idea, Rotary Clubs were hampered by their available resources during the War years.  However, that much heralded donation of $26.50 came at the end of his Presidential year. Some clubs had the tradition of giving a gift to the outgoing International President, and so it was that the Rotary Club of Kansas City made a donation of $26.50 to the “endowment fund suggested by President Klumpf”, which was the amount in excess of what was collected for his gift.  Not everyone in Rotary shared Klumpf’s view for the need of such a fund, and it wasn’t until 1925 that this dormant fund was moved from a line item in the general budget to a separate foundation championed by RI President Donald Adams.  Of course, we all know now the great things the Rotary Foundation has done, and fortunately Arch Klumpf was able to see it grow to almost $3 million before his death in 1951.

In this season of Thanksgiving, remember that your gift to the RI Foundation has worldwide impact.  And thank you, Arch Klumpf, for dreaming big.

These exciting events are on the horizon:     

12/7:  Holiday Party:  Tampa Yacht Club

12/14:  Open

12/21, 12/28, 1/4/18:  No meetings.  Happy Holidays, and New Year to all.