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Rotary International is the world’s oldest service club organization that was started in 1905 in Chicago by four businessmen.  Today, there are 33,000 clubs in more than 165 countries, with 1.2 million members.


Rotary is a service club that lets you make a difference as part of the world’s largest family of givers.  You will have many opportunities to assist a wide variety of local, national and international humanitarian causes that will touch the lives of people you will never meet.


These are two of the principal reasons why Rotary began.  Rotary provides a means to network with a cross section of leaders of other businesses and professions who help each other, and collectively help others, while promoting lasting friendships.  There is also the prestige of being part of an organization that prides itself, at every level, on the development of ethics, personal growth and cultural awareness.


We realize that everyone’s time is valuable.  In today’s world, it is often difficult to maintain a life/work balance and also participate in a service organization such as Rotary.  As such, we offer two types of membership (Full and Associate).

The “Full” membership entitles you to:

  • Attend every lunch
  • Participate in the leadership of the Club
  • Have the first opportunity to sponsor the service projects
  • Participate in the social events at full member pricing

The “Associate” membership allows you to:

  • Come to three (3) lunches per quarter
  • Participate in all social events at regular cost
  • Participate and sponsor all service projects

The cost of the full membership is $300.00 per quarter.  The cost of the associate membership is $150.00 per quarter.  The initiation fee for the Club is $100.00 for all members.

Your membership in the Tampa Interbay Rotary Club provides an unique opportunity to expand your global vision, contacts, and enrich lives globally.   Fellow Rotarians are always welcomed visitors at any Rotary Club meeting, anywhere, in any country.  For more information, please click to “Contact Us.” 

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